What Sets Us Apart?

Why the Pfluger Rock School of Music in Pflugerville is the best music school!?
Pfluger Rock School of Music
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  • University trained instructors with years of successful teaching experience.
pflugerville round rock guitar piano voice lessons
pflugerville round rock guitar piano voice lessons
  • Our students choose the genre; Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, Blues or Classical instruction.
pflugerville round rock guitar piano voice lessons
  • We specialize in beginner music lessons for all ages.
pflugerville round rock guitar piano voice lessons
  • Lessons are available for children as young as six-years, the minimum age varies with each instrument.
  • Private one-on-one music instruction ensures students learn faster and retain information longer as compared to a group or classroom setting.
  • Private music lessons are also customized to the students to ensure they learn in a manner best suited for them.
  • Schedule two or more family members in the same private lesson to avoid waiting or driving to different locations.
  • University and College audition preparation is available for all instruments.
  • Onstage recitals are optional and offered twice a year.
  • Administrative staff is available during all lessons hours, every day.
  • Students or parents are not required to raise funds for school events.
  • The student has multiple choices in music instructors to choose from to better fit personality and learning style.
  • New, clean, well lit and spacious studios with one way observation windows.
  • Easily accessible location with plenty of parking.
  • You can speak with an informed and polite professional by phone or in person before, during, and after music lessons.
  • Convenient and automatic monthly payment drafts through Visa, Mastercard and other payment methods.
  • Over (35) teachers at two convenient locations.
  • No registration, administration or yearly membership fee.

Pfluger Rock School of Music for superior music lessons by University trained instructors for guitar, piano, voice lessons and more in Round Rock and Pflugerville, Texas.