Emil Pohlig

Piano & Flute Lessons

Teaches: Wed, Thur & Fri

austin flute lessonsI grew up in rural Southwest Virginia and began playing piano and percussion in the sixth grade. I loved music so much I wanted to try all the instruments. I began playing flute, trumpet, oboe, sax, piano and even a little violin, but the only one that I really stuck with was flute.

In college I continued my love for music, even when I decided to study computer science. At that time I was attending Brigham Young University and played percussion with the world renowned BYU Philharmonic Orchestra. After not fitting in with the computer science crowd and transferring to a different school I came to realize music was my passion and I started all over to get a Bachelor’s in music education from the University of Utah.

After moving to Austin, Texas I’ve been fortunate to play and teach piano and flute lessons in the Leander ISD area. I enjoy accompanying school choirs and musicals and taking on choir and band director roles when the teachers need to be out. I know that I teach with my passion for music in every lesson and I look forward to teaching at Northwest School of Music.

Today, Emil teaches piano and Austin flute lessons and tutoring at the Northwest School of Music for quality music lessons by University trained instructors for guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, drums, violin, ukulele, flute, clarinet, bass in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas.

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