Austin Piano Lessons

Northwest School of Music for private, weekly piano lessons in Austin in a clean, safe, fun, and family oriented music school. Since 2004, we have taught thousands of students, whether you’re seeking a good music school for your child or an adult wanting to learn the piano, you’ve come to the right place.

We recommend starting piano lessons at 6-7 years of age when children have developed longer attention spans, retain material easier and have gained the physical finger dexterity needed for piano lessons. Our piano instructors have many years experience and University trained for all piano lessons, see our list of piano Teachers below. When your ready, contact us to enroll or schedule a tour of our music school.

The tuition for weekly 30-minute private piano lessons is $120.00 per month for 3, 4 or 5 lessons a month. Over the year, months with 5 lessons balance out months with 3 lessons so on average students receive 4 lessons per month.

Tuition for weekly 45-minute long piano lessons is $180 per month; one hour long piano lessons is $240 per month. Tuition for multiple students or multiple lessons will be calculated based on guitar lesson length and standard monthly rate of $120 per month. For example, the tuition for two siblings taking weekly 30-minute lessons is $240. Or one student taking two weekly 30-minute lessons is also $240.


Julie Adams

Lessons on: Mon

Caleb Casper

Lessons on: Tue, Thu

Dolores Derksen

Lessons on: Wed

Brian Donohoe

Lessons on: Tue

Kara Hanson

Lessons on: Mon, Tue

Andrew Hlavinka

Lessons on: Wed

Hope Holder

Lessons on: Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat

Christy Jackel

Lessons on: Mon through Fri

Rebecca Maze

Lessons on: Mon, Tues

Emil Pohlig

Lessons on: Wed, Thurs, Fri

Kirk Sonnenberg

Lessons on: Mon, Tues, Thur, Sat

Anneke Speller

Lessons on: Fri, Sat

Stinson Sueser

Lessons on: Wed, Sat

Kimberly Swanson

Lessons on: Mon, Wed, Fri
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